It’s the universal language…the portal of memory…the core of culture.  MUSIC is the tie that binds us, to our pasts, to each other, to the collective human voice.

The cricket chorus of a late summer evening…the first birdsong of Spring…the beloved voice on the other end of the line. SOUND completes sensation, connecting us to the seen and unseen.

MUSIC and SOUND inspired the artists and authors in this, the second issue of The Redwing’s Nest.

We are proud to feature in our beta issue works from public, independent, and homeschool learning environments around the world. Some selections were originally created during a yearlong exploration of MUSIC and SOUND through Sabot at Stony Point’s 2010-2011 Umbrella Project. Other works have been inspired by the opportunity to publish original work around the theme of MUSIC and SOUND.

We thank and congratulate the contributors. The creative work in this publication reminds us of the power and authenticity of children’s views and voices. Our next issue,which is in progress and themed ME for Winter 2012, explores thoughts and expression around self. We look forward to the next wave of submissions on the theme of  HOME for our Spring 2012 issue.

Welcome to The Redwing’s Nest!

Irene Carney, Director of Sabot at Stony Point


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