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Annah Gore

Dolphins have a series of different ways of communicating +

Miles Barnett

A pot of boiling water stood over the open flame +

Miles Barnett

foot tapping +

Alex Broening

the birds chirping +

Maxie Broening

Music is +

Eliza Blue

The moon so bright +

Tom Blue

Splish! Splash! +

Tom Blue

The breeze of the wind +

Sophia Bunnell

The sound of branches +

Sophia Bunnell

The sound I created was a sound +

Beatrice Connell

Hush-hush, the bare pine whisper +

Shanti Coleman

When I was ten, my parents decided it was time for me to learn an instrument +

Abigail Daglish

Once upon a time, Sound and Music were made. +

Janae Dixon

I am not able to walk in heels +

Julian Edwards

You can’t define music yourself. +

Theo Frankel and Ryan Singer

The song of the birds is calling us +

Dominic Gammino

The clink of spoons +

Amelia Gross

In quiet places +

Griffin Hardy

Hear the snow falling +

Chandler Harris

I sit and watch +

Mireille Heidbreder

What is music? To many, it is inspiring. +

Madison Hoffman

When you walk into my house, you can hear a ticking sound. +

Kate Kramer

I can make my music +

Merryann Lalla

Music is peace. +

Gardiner McGuire

Shell, shell, little shell +

Gabrielle Nichols

Birds fly, twitter, twitter, fly +

Nora Parker

Winter is music. +

Nora Parker

Just then when we were in the +

Shifra Rubin

Today, the eleventh of March, I awoke to feel my bedroom shaking. +

Sarah Hood-Recant

Crunching of snow under my feet, +

Kaiya Shah and Adelina Babbit

There’s sand at the bottom +

Georgia Rudolph

Through August 1914 Martha sat, dying. Many people visited her in that last month, and she watched, and listened from behind bars. +

Ian Switzer

Crickity +

Ian Switzer

Click! Click! +

Chloe Webb

And at last, I see the sky +

Connor Webb

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. +

Connor Webb

Plowing over tornado alley +

Sami Wells

Bop, bing, jingle, jangle, +

Mariah Wilkins

Music is what makes me want to spread my wings to fly +

Evan Wolff

If the olive tree could speak, the stories it could tell, +

Oliver Frankel

Abigail Daglish

Turner Bruneau

Tannin Forsyth

Oliver Frankel

Harrison Gravely

Emma Barrett

Eliza Blue

Eliza Blue

Chris Houck

Fiona Woodford

Allison Wasik

Adelina Babbit

Abel Rudolph


Miles Barnett

The Conch Bearer +


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