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Miles Barnett – The Chicken Pox House

When I got the chicken pox I felt really, really bad. My whole body was covered in pox. +

Lincoln Nelson

Alex Broening

Avalon Moon

Emma Barrett

Odessa Hott – A place I would like to be

There is a place I would like to be. There is a place I would like to see. +

Tristan Frantz and Deming Tracy

Forest Ice Crystals +

Georgia Rudolph

Tying my shoes +

Georgia Rudolph

The River +

Harrison Gravely – The Fountain And The Fate

Fred was driving down the road in his big crimson red truck in Saint Augustine, Florida. +

John Blue – The Ocoee

Have you ever fallen asleep during a car ride? Under the right circumstances, it’s an easy thing to do. +

Kellie Cunningham

Snow +

Beatrice M. M. Connell

Spring Miracles +

Beatrice M. M. Connell

Nursery Rhymes +

Odessa Hott

popcorn +

Harrison Pond – The Race Track

My dad opened the curtains. I looked at my clock. It said 5:15am. +

Grace Peasley – My Sanctuary

There is a place inside me. A place I can only reach when I am deeply relaxed. +

Kellie Cunningham

My Dog, Malcolm +

Maxie Broening

Acorn in Larus Park +

Maxie Broening – A House on an Island in Estonia

It was an overcast day with gray clouds in the sky. The house looked like it would be nice to live in. +

Lucas Martinez

Big Ice +

Kate Driebe – Mexico

“Last call for Mexico,” said the man. I bustled and shoved until I got in the plane… +

Kate Driebe

A Icy World in the Forest +

Isaiah Timmons

Scenes +

Henry Haggard – The Alien Race in Dream Land

Once upon a time in space Dream Land there was an alien race. +

Halle Rivers Miller

Where I’m From +

Noah Kim

Ferry Ride +

Reuben Frankel – My Special Place

My back garden is home to a lot of things like flowers and bushes, but it is also home to my special place. +

Madison Hoffman

Library +

Julian Edwards

Everything Makes Mistakes +

Julian Edwards – From a Distance

I’m from a distant blue-green planet. Furless two-legged creatures with patches of hair on their heads roam around cities and towns. +

Fernanda Paz Mardones Galarce -Where I’m From

I think that people do not realize that South America is called Latin America and if you are from South America you are NOT from Mexico. +

Miles Barnett – Mowing the Lawn

I remember when I was little, about three. I would ask my Dad to help him mow the lawn. +

Abel Rudolph

Oliver Frankel

Fiona Martinez

Theo Frankel

Manya Suri

Scott Russo

Mathilde Gammino

Max Frankel

James Flowers

Army-Navy Game +

Miles Barnett

Alex Broening – Casting in Maine

One day at Webs Pond, Maine our canoe was cutting smoothly through the flat icy water towards the shore. +

John Blue – Snow at School

The finish line was in sight, right after a nice hill. The snow was pristine, my skis and poles working in perfect unison… +

Emma Barrett

A Forest of Holly +

Chas Purrington

Forest ICE +

Alex Broening and Cole Myers

Holly in the Forest +


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