Grace Peasley – My Sanctuary

My Sanctuary

There is a place inside me. A place I can only reach when I am deeply relaxed.

I close my eyes, waiting for it to come. My mind goes blank, the lights go dim, and everything around me is serene. Finally I am there. Warm and bright, sacred and special, and sprinkled with happiness, I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. I let myself fall onto the luscious, green grass and hope that this moment won’t ever have to end. Watching the Elm tree above me sway in the soft, spring breeze I feel like I’m being rocked to sleep by a lullaby. If my mind starts to wonder, I bring my thoughts back to my magical sanctuary.  Spinning in circles through the warm wind I feel like I’m in a trance. This is my place, my special place, where nothing matters except for presence. All you have to do is be.  


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