Harrison Pond – The Race Track

The Race Track

My dad opened the curtains.  I looked at my clock.  It said 5:15am.  I said why do I have to wake up so early in the morning?  Well, I got out of bed.  My dad said it is a surprise.  We struggled through the big crowd.  I felt smooshed.  We had to climb the stadium stairs to our seats and tumbled down in our seats, because we were so tired from walking through the big crowd.  We checked our seat numbers to see if they were the right ones.  We were in the front row, then we looked around the stadium.  There were people screaming and some other people were trying to make a wave, but nobody listened.

Then the cars started, their engines brmmm, brmmm.  “GO!”  The cars were like lightning, one car in front of him.  Then the first car spun out of control into the grass.  My dad zoomed over the finish line and the crowd went nuts.  It was like people were dancing around.   I felt like my dad was a superstar.   Then there were fireworks and a blimp, too.   Then we silently went to bed.  I felt someday I am going to win a race and fell fast asleep.  


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