Julian Edwards – From a Distance

From a Distance

I’m from a distant blue-green planet. Furless two-legged creatures with patches of hair on their heads roam around cities and towns. The green nature is being devoured by these behemoth looking structures, cement taking the place of grass, trees and animals, looks like a cyborg planet. What used to be covered in luscious green plants is being taken over by a humanoid/mechanical virus. Furry animals are forced to struggle to survive on this half dead planet. Enormous white clouds cover the sky, the beautiful blue sky. The scenery of nature and processed masses. These humanoids have taken complete control over this once unscathed lively green planet. Humongous structures of rock and soil, little creatures running about. A once in a hundred billion miles planet is covered in growth and life.  Perfect for a diabolical alien king to fall in love with and brainstorm ideas of taking it over.  


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