Kate Driebe – Mexico


“Last call for Mexico,” said the man.  I bustled and shoved until I got in the plane…then I ran all around trying all the seats.  I finally got a seat though all of them were the same.  I was so excited…

I, Kate Driebe, was to go to Mexico.  I was on a plane thinking with the air conditioning blowing against my face.  I began looking out the window.  It seemed like a million years since I got on the plane.  I had this excitement inside me that I can’t say.  It touches your soul.  It makes you jiggle and wiggle.  I heard my bother follow my lead as his heart thumped faster and faster.  I looked at the houses, some glowing windows.  I thought and thought of the places I was going.  As I thought, I looked at all the glowing windows and the sparkling lakes…the dark sunset and the beautiful bright sunset clouds of purple and pink.  I barely see the sun hiding in the clouds.  The stars started to pop up as it grew dark.  The moon glowing brighter.  Life was good as I listened to the soft humming of the plane.  I fell into a soft sleep and dreamed of Mexico.  As the plane slowed to a stop, I woke with a start with the same excitement still going inside me.

I could hear everybody talking excitedly.  But, I could hear Mom’s voice from the excitement buzzing around me.  “Kate.”  


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