Fernanda Paz Mardones Galarce -Where I’m From

Where I’m From

I think that people do not realize that South America is called Latin America and if you are from South America you are NOT from Mexico. Don’t they know something about geography?

Anyways, where I’m from is nice and I like it a lot. Where I’m from is a big city, so there are lots of apartments. People don’t live in houses. Well, some people do, but there are so many people in the capitol of Chile that it’s more efficient to live in really tall building with many rooms.

Here, people even ask me if I am illegal or if I have ever killed someone. NO! Chile and Argentina are really like the United States. One of the main differences is that we speak Spanish and you speak English.

Where I’m from, I once lived in a house that was big and it had a pool. My cousins use to come over and splash all around. We use to jump from the roof to the pool when my Mom and Dad weren’t there.

South America is not one whole country. There are many countries there. They are all unique and beautiful. I’ve been in some of them. I just wanted people to realize that South America is a big word with many interesting and new things. I invite you to see and enjoy, just as I do.  


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