Miles Barnett – The Chicken Pox House

The Chicken Pox House


When I got the chicken pox I felt really, really  bad.  My whole  body was covered in pox. I itched and  scratched too much.  My fever made me cold, I was tired and I did not  want to eat.  I was very sick.

My Dad made a cardboard house for me out of a huge box that a stove came in. I drew all over it and painted it.  I made yellow windows, a red chimney, and a red and black fireplace.  I painted the outside and inside blue, green, black, yellow, red, and brown.  I was still very sick, but I liked my chicken pox house.

Dad put it on top of the bed in the guest room where I was sleeping.  The cardboard house was as big as the double bed and fit the three of us well.  Because I was  very sick and so tired, I slept in the chicken pox house for three whole days.

It was really, really cozy and nice.  My Mom filled the house with big fluffy pillows and the soft down comforter from her bed.  She brought me food.  I did not want to eat.  I was still so sick.

Each day, when I was not sleeping,  I read lots of books with my Mom.  We read all of Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White in the chicken pox house.  My Mom cried when Charlotte died.  I was too sick to cry, but it was sad.  I felt like the chicken pox house was my home while I was sick.  



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