Reuben Frankel – My Special Place

My Special Place

My back garden is home to a lot of things like flowers and bushes, but it is also home to my special place. I chose part of the back garden as my special place back in 2007 because I loved taking photos of the flowers and animals scattered around.

Now, every summer, I set up a wire rabbit enclosure around a particular patch of grass and sit in it, watching the clouds roll over the blue sky, thinking about everything worrying me and getting rid of stress. But I can’t just sit on my own and let my problems pass over, so I always sit on that patch of grass surrounded by noises of aeroplanes and humming bees with my two rabbits.

Pets have always had an effect on me – almost like a relaxant drug – when I stroke them. So I sit in that particular patch of grass, sometimes reading a book, with two small rabbits jumping over my legs and nibbling at the vegetation.

My special place is priceless to me because there’s just something about its atmosphere that enables me to clear my mind and focus on letting go of my worries. Every summer I go out to play with my pets in their enclosure and in winter months, I sometimes just sit staring at the snow covered area of my special place out of the kitchen window, holding a rabbit.

I’ve watched both rabbits grow up outside since we got them for my sister’s birthday in 2008 and I think that’s why the particular patch of grass in my back garden is so special to me. Also, the adventures the rabbits have had in my special place have most likely had an effect on them too.

Every morning, we let them out for a run on the deck before my sister and I go to school. They always hop down the wooden steps onto the grass, looking at us expectantly as if they want to go to that particular patch of grass.

I don’t think any other spot could ever be as special as that patch of grass in my garden which my rabbits and I sit in. I’ve been to southern Spain and gone out to fancy restaurants plenty of times, but they don’t have the same heart-warming effect as that part of my garden. Yes, they do have a significant place in my heart, it’s just my special place is at the top.  


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