Miles Barnett

foot tapping +

Alex Broening

the birds chirping +

Maxie Broening

Music is +

Eliza Blue

The moon so bright +

Tom Blue

Splish! Splash! +

Tom Blue

The breeze of the wind +

Sophia Bunnell

The sound of branches +

Sophia Bunnell

The sound I created was a sound +

Beatrice Connell

Hush-hush, the bare pine whisper +

Janae Dixon

I am not able to walk in heels +

Theo Frankel and Ryan Singer

The song of the birds is calling us +

Dominic Gammino

The clink of spoons +

Amelia Gross

In quiet places +

Griffin Hardy

Hear the snow falling +

Chandler Harris

I sit and watch +

Kate Kramer

I can make my music +

Merryann Lalla

Music is peace. +

Gardiner McGuire

Shell, shell, little shell +

Gabrielle Nichols

Birds fly, twitter, twitter, fly +

Nora Parker

Winter is music. +

Nora Parker

Just then when we were in the +

Sarah Hood-Recant

Crunching of snow under my feet, +

Kaiya Shah and Adelina Babbit

There’s sand at the bottom +

Ian Switzer

Crickity +

Ian Switzer

Click! Click! +

Chloe Webb

And at last, I see the sky +

Connor Webb

Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. Tap. +

Connor Webb

Plowing over tornado alley +

Sami Wells

Bop, bing, jingle, jangle, +

Mariah Wilkins

Music is what makes me want to spread my wings to fly +

Evan Wolff

If the olive tree could speak, the stories it could tell, +


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