Halle Rivers Miller

Where I’m From

I’m from the city,

Walkin’ to everywhere I go.

I’m from the farmers’ market,

where they use no “quick grow”.

I’m from the back of the school bus,

where I can still hear all the other kids,

no matter how loud my iPod’s turned up.

I’m from the kitchen,

where I can never find the measuring cup.

I’m from my aunt’s butchery,

standing on milk cartons to reach the register.

I’m from the arts center,

practically living there.

I’m from the trees, swinging in the breeze.

I’m from my backyard,

during rain, sleet, snow or hail

collecting worms in a pail.

I’m from my bed, snuggling up with a good book,

and a cat on my head.

I’m from the city,

always with a friend.


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