Mariah Wilkins

Music is the way, the way of life.

Music is what fills my sails with love.

Music is the love of my life that understands me

More than any human ever could.

Music is what whispers in my ear.

Music is the sweet passionate moments

I melt into when I’m alone.

Music is what pushes me to strive

through my everyday struggles.

Music is what makes me laugh, hurt, smile, cry.

Music is what makes me change

the rhythm of my hips to

glide others around the floor.

Music is what tells the story of a

girl desperate to find her way.

Music is the way to love.

Music is what expresses the love of this angel that

protects the hearts of innocents.

Music is my connection to the world.

Music is what makes me want to spread my wings to fly

above the cries and pain of a young, lonely girl.

Music is what defines the passion

buried deep down inside of me. 



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